ADR Program

The City of Los Angeles and your union established this ADR program. This program provides access to an impartial expert for information on issues that pertain to resolving your workers' compensation claim.

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Benefits of ADR
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Improve claim resolution by resolving disputes.

Reduce delays encountered in the State system.

Improve speed and quality of medical care.

Coordinate return to work promptly.

Increase injured worker satisfaction.

CCMS' ombudsperson will recommend to the injured worker the appropriate medical treatments and other benefits that are set forth in your union's carve-out agreement.

California Claims Management Services, Inc. has provided the following ADR related documents for your convenience.

To access a copy of the Alternative Dispute Resolution pamphlet please visit our Documents page.

Do not hesitate to contact your Ombudsperson if you have a problem or question regarding your claim. Please use our Contact Form to get in touch with an Ombudsperson.

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