California Claims Management Services, Inc.

Founded in 1996, California Claims Management Services, Inc. (CCMS) is a premier provider of a full range of worker's compensation services to California employers.  Our comprehensive knowledge in all facets of the claims process drives our ability to deliver superior results while maintaining the highest level of personalized client attention and support.


CCMS' Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program for The City of Los Angeles and your union is an alternative to the traditional approach to resolving workers’ compensation claims. With ADR, an injured worker reportst the injury and then uses the services a professional and neutral ombudsperson who is knowledgeable in workers’ compensation law. The ombudsperson will recommend to the injured worker the appropriate medical treatments and other benefits as set forth in the carve-out agreement. 

A well managed workers’ compensation program, that includes the ADR process for an employer’s unionized employees, results in a comprehensive system that is designed to efficiently manage the costs of workplace injuries and provide injured workers with benefits equal to or better than provided by traditional workers’ compensation alone.

Who We Are


CCMS' ombudsperson provides advocacy for the City of Los Angeles and your union's ADR Program.  It is here where most disputes can be resolved.  Through discussions and considerations made by all sides, a joint effort is made to reach an agreement, clear up misunderstandings and defuse conflicts. This is an informal process where information and options are provided to the injured employee, conflict resolution skills are used, and decisions and resolutions can be reached without the need for formal intervention.